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Assay and Refining

At Jelenko, we've been serving our customers since 1912.  Coupling our historical success with the latest technology enables you to get the HIGHEST return for your scrap metals.

Here's what makes Jelenko different:


  • Full Disclosure
  • No Hidden Fees
  • An extensive process of checks and balances



  • Most sophisticated machine (ICP-OES)
  • Accurate measurements to give you the highest yield
  • Induction melting assures homogeneous mixture
  • Vacuum Pin Tube Method superior to drilling for sample


  • Selling to dental marketplace since 1912
  • Refining team with extensive experience
  • On-site Chemist to assay and interpret results


Jelenko Refining:  Unsurpassed Results, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Call Today For Your Free Shipping Container:  1-800-JELENKO