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About Our Process

Jelenko Refining utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest bottom line for you

Receiving:  You will never pay for shipping.  We use Fed-Ex, the most trusted delivery service in the world.  We'll send you free containers to transport your materials and when we receive them, we call you to confirm receipt and take a picture of all goods.

Melting:  We take all materials - sweeps, grindings, solids.  When melting, we use a special flux to remove all non-metallic substances and will melt the alloy a second time in an induction furnace to ensure a homogeneous melt.  Via the vacuum pin tube method, we take three samples for testing.

Assay and Results:  We use an ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma) which is an extraordinarily sophisticated machine used to split and recombine electrons.  We'll repeat the process three times to ensure consistency and we'll call you with the results of the assay -- personal touch you won't find elsewhere!  Our settlement statements are easy to read with full disclosure.  No hidden fees!

Jelenko:  The Name You Know, The Service You Trust

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